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Home Cinema Interiors

Awesome Home cinema theater is everybody's dream wether the budget may differ. Just setting upa home theater with avaialble cheap quality audio devices won't give the expected wonderful experirnce. Just watching a Cinema in our home is not the right choice for many of us. To get a feel of comfortness, relaxed mood, with an international quality ambience and of course enjoy the cinema at its best is our expectation in home cinema set ups. Interiors play a major role in enjoying the cinema in a home theater. The outcome of enjoying cinema in our own home theater and the experience should last for years and even for the life of us. The color choice make the interiors an wonderful thing in any cinema theater. Here are some color tips for you to make a good choice while developing a dream home theater.

Colour Combination Tips for the Home theater

Whether you are a complete novice or a more experienced handyperson intent on more ambitious decorative effects, this book will serve to excite your interest, and to bring new tasks within your scope. Sections of the book range from using colour and pattern to repairing and preparing surfaces, creating all kinds of decorative finishes. improving flooring, lighting, storage - even the shapes of your rooms. In every case, the sections take a step-by-step approach, offering ideas, outlining the items you will need, illustrating the methods by which you can achieve the best possible results. This is a book to inspire as well as to inform, to read at leisure as well as to follow project-by-project.

Whatever type of jobs around the house you are contemplating, if the appropriate section gives you the confidence as well as the practical advice you need to tackle it, then this book will have achieved its purpose. Combining Colours When planning colour combinations, you need to consider how bright or dark a decor should be and what range and intensity of colour to use. For lively colour harmony, it helps to know a few basic principles of colour theory and to understand how different colours influence one another when used in interiors. The colour wheel Colour designing is based on the spectrum of visible light, which can be visualized as a colour wheel, like that illustrated below.

At three equidistant points on the wheel are found the pri- mary colours - red, blue, and yellow- from which all other colours are derived. Mixing two primary colours in equal proportion results in the formation of the secondary colours - orange, violet, Above Colour juxtapositions designed to challenge convention have been employed in this imagina- tively decorated room. The predominant colour here is primary red, which has an enclosing effect on the spac". This effect is efthdftced by the ctlftopied ceiling, also in red with a smaller panel of blue. it is rather illusory, since apart from various shades of pink the only other "colour" used is white. Colour contrasts using them in extremely unequal propor- tions or by muting one or both ol the colours as lighter or darker tones, You can then enliven the overall colour scheme by introducing just a few hints of strong contrasting colour.

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